My order arrived today as expected and the product does not disappoint. The service has always been excellent and I want to thank everyone at Psychedelic Store Australia  providing such excellent service. I can’t find better prices anywhere else and have a monthly budget to keep and Psychedelic Store Australia helps make that easier. Glenn

This is quality stuff. Psychedelic Store  Australia is, as noted, fantastic. The quality of their product and customer service are unmatched. I got Penis Envy. Completely smooth, takes some serious hooting to make this stuff hurt. The high is exemplary, gives you a great body tingle but doesn’t ever overwhelm you. Would definitely try again.

I absolutely agree with the product descriptions. This stuff looks clean, tastes great and the effects are amazing. love it and Psychedelic Store Australia. Thanks for an awesome product. Esperanza Hudson
I use mushrooms primarily for depression and it’s decent for that, but to be honest one can do a lot better. I bought this because it’s a AAAAA grade product (despite that they’ve only rated it AAAA) that was only $200 for 28g, and I don’t think I’ll find a better value for a very long time. 5/5
Linda H. Hodges
I love this website. Your products are not to hash or too hard hitting. It’s smooth and the effects from it are great. I feel uplifted, relaxed and enjoy it while playing my favorite video games. thumbs up.
Heidi Robinson
thank god for you guys!!! time and time again I am never disappointed!!! great work!!
Douglas Miller
Very good and fast shipping as always. Also prices are very affordable and products are worth given a try promise to give you guys a shoutout.
Jessica Malone
Before i felt like this was just some fake ass website but i was surprise when the mailman came through with the little i had ordered back then, The price I couldn’t complain. Was nice and potent. will be ordering more more on my next order.
Keri M. Hayes
Very fast shipping and the shrooms is everything it’s hyped up to be. One of the best tasting penis envy strains I’ve had. Thanks to Psychedelic Store Australia team for these awesome strains!
Claudia Woodard
Really have been getting the vibes about this sun rock of a a shit thanks guys keep it up really enjoyed it will be back soon.